What is Protection?

Protection policies tend to be simple products. If you die they pay out, if you don't, then they don't. The same general principle applies to health and medical insurance.


The three main areas of protection are:


  • Life Assurance – making sure your family have enough money if you die.

  • Health Insurance – making sure you have enough money if you fall ill.

  • Medical Insurance – making sure you are treated sooner rather than later.

Modern life is all about money. Either you have it or you don't. We tend to think that not having money is something that happens to other people. Experience suggests that without a little planning, it could quite easily happen to us.


Insurance allows you to take a little more control over the path that life has in store.


Bills and financial commitments will not stop if you are ill or if you die. Someone still has to pay if you are gone or, if you are too sick to work. With a little bit of thought, you can make sure that there is enough money when you or your family need it most. It will not bring you back and it won't make you better but it becomes one less thing to worry about.


How much and what sort of cover do I need?


Some of the questions you need to ask yourself include:


      • What if I died or fell ill tomorrow?

      • Will there be any money and how long will it last?

      • Who would get the money?

      • How quickly would they need it?

      • Will the right person get the money they need as quickly as possible?


The next step is to ask for advice. There are no easy answers, your circumstances are unique and need careful thought which is where we can help.


And don't forget, your plans need to change as your life moves on. Your protection needs are dynamic. If you have made some plans already, it makes sense to review them on a regular basis.